Salteña shines in a library of the Naval Military School

Salta is full of stories, the saying goes, and there are many Salta people with great stories to tell, as is the case of Valeria Ramos, a young woman from our province who i know stands out in the Library “Rear Admiral Manuel José García Mansilla” at the Naval Military School.

The “Rear Admiral Manuel José García Mansilla” Library is one of the many libraries that depend on the Argentine Navy, it is located on the first floor of the “Domingo Faustino Sarmiento” Teaching building and that is where Valeri excelsa, superior technician in Library Science close to presenting her thesis work to conclude the studies as a Bachelor of Librarianship and Documentation

The 38-year-old girl left her hometown at 23 for the “city of diagonals” and It was in La Plata where she studied and met her husband, Damián Tolaba, Chief Information Officer of the Navy and father of her children: Nina, 7 years old and Túpac, 6. Today they live in Berisso, a few kilometers from Río Santiago, and Damián He travels on weekends as he is passing through the Punta Indio Naval Aviation School.

“My day to day at the library is rewarding. Just getting to school is a unique experience: You quickly take a ferry away from the urbanization until you reach the island and the entrance to the school takes you through green spaces and tree-lined paths; then, walking through the corridors of the main building to the library overlooking the Plaza de Armas is, for me, very urgent and special ”, Ramos introduced.

Valeria feels that today she is in the place she proposed “with the characteristics of this library framed within the scope of the training of future officers; I am convinced that this is a space where I can develop, applying my knowledge with the purpose of contributing to make the library a reference and valuable space within the school ”.

Among his current activities, he said that he finds the migration of the library’s database to an updated web access system; developing content for dissemination in virtuality; preparing to participate in the REBIFA Network Libraries Meeting on September 16 and 17; and also, planning tasks for the celebration of the 150 years of the ESNM.

“In the library nWe find you with a space for meeting and reflection, in which librarians are a link to information and knowledge; quite a challenge in these times “

Higher Technician in Library Science, close to presenting her thesis work to complete her studies as a Bachelor of Library Science and Documentation, she shared many memories of her city, such as that of “Look up and see yourself surrounded by hills and mountains that I miss today”, I miss; the girl walks with her mother to work and sharing everything with her older sister.

“My childhood and adolescence memories lead me to the Provincial Library of Salta, where I spent my afternoons stumbling across a book that caught me and reading it in the corners of the house where it worked. Colonial in style, with tiles, a large interior patio and rooms around it… that place, the time there made me love this profession, ”he fondly recalled.

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