Salta will live a day of cuts and picket marches

If you are going out, arm yourself with patience, because Today there will be a national picket day against adjustment and for genuine work in which Salta will participate with different marches and protests that will affect traffic.

From the organization they assured that the management of the national government assured that it would not be necessary to cut streets because its management opened the dialogue for all. But “on the contrary, we see how, in a systematic way, it fails to comply with guaranteeing basic issues such as food for soup kitchens.”

“We learn from the media that the government is reverting to the old and overworked formula of announcing the change of social plans for” work. ” Unfortunately, we have already heard governments after governments this empty formula of content, because it does not have a correlation with the economic situation.”.

These are the cuts that were called:

Salta Capital – 9am: concentration in the Cable Car and cut off at the terminal roundabout

Joaquin V. González: cut off national route 16

Talavera: national route 16

Lajitas: provincial route 5

Saravia Burela: provincial route 5

Mosconi: national route 34

Pichanal: national route 34 and provincial 5 and route 50, and concentration in front of the Intendencia.

Colonia Santa Rosa: concentration in front of the Intendancy.

Boat: concentration in front of the Intendancy and cut off on route 53.

Urundel: concentration in front of the Intendancy.

The Union: cut provincial route 13

Salta Forestal: cut provincial route 41

Tunal: cut off national route 16

Methane: cut off national route 34.

Güemes: cut in national route 34

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