Saily González: "Free visa to Cubans in Nicaragua is an escape valve"

The activist Saily González, a member of the Archipelago platform and one of the promoters of the Civic March for Change of November 15, considered this Thursday that the visa exemption surprisingly decreed by Nicaragua constitutes an escape valve from the dictatorship in the Island.

“I am not going to talk about the migratory crisis that this can generate in Mexico or the southern United States (…) but to those who are concerned about what may happen with the freedom of Cuba, this is an escape valve which shows that the dictatorship does not have a plan to get us out of the crisis and is desperate. With Nicaragua or without Nicaragua we have to continue giving water, we have to continue positions, “he said.

He argued that this measure is “one more sample that we we live in a dictatorship who is willing to spit on her children, to send them to an unsafe emigration, which is the process of emigrating through Central America and that given the experience is considered a genocide, “he said in a brief direct from Facebook.

“It also shows that the government and all these officials who invent and experiment with the Cuban economy they have no plan to get us out of the economic and political crisis that Cuba has been living since the Ordinance Task began, that it has no plan to combat inflation, something that will be unstoppable on the island. The ordering task did not work, and they have recognized it, “González stressed.

In this regard, he said that at the time no one paid attention to economists like Pedro Monreal, or other experts who warned of what could happen with this economic scheme and criticized that the cadres that make the country’s decisions are trained in party schools where they are rewarded for their “comprehensiveness” and not for their “resolution capacity.”

The young influencer considered that the inhabitants of the country are waiting for months with more misery and more inflation, which may cause another social outbreak: “These who are leaving (Nicaragua) are not those who left on July 11, nor those who were going to leave on November 15, “he explained.

At the end of his message, he concluded that the measure announced by the government of Daniel Ortega, an ally of the regime, is another more desperate action to try to maintain a political stability that will last for a very short time on the island.

“There are fewer and fewer Cubans outside of Cuba willing to finance a parasitic dictatorship like the Cuban one. More and more people are outraged by living in a country that does not present opportunities for us and there are also more and more families that have people imprisoned, more and more families are generating empathy for this situation, “said the activist.

Several political analysts agree with the young Cuban woman that the possible exodus of Cubans, after the free visa to Nicaragua, is a sign of “the will to keep putting off changes”By the regime.

This was recently pointed out by the Catholic intellectual Roberto Veiga González, promoter of Cuba Próxima, for whom this measure is another of the “fatal decisions on the part of the Cuban government.”

He considered that in the Nicaraguan announcement there are two fatal dimensions: the will to continue postponing internal changes so that Cubans can live decently without the need to emigrate, and to launch Cubans into illegal and dramatic emigration.

In the United States, countries receiving Cuban migrants, alarms began to sound with the opening of air traffic from Cuba to the outside, on November 15, and after the announcement of the free visa for Cubans in Nicaragua.

Official statistics from that country indicated that more than 15,000 Cuban immigrants entered the United States irregularly through the Mexican border during the last three months, with a record number of 5,870 last October.

“We are in the preamble of a crisis with Cuban immigrants that this administration will have to face, “said Willy Allen, a well-known immigration attorney in Miami.

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