Sager: “When it comes to decisions for the benefit of the people, the path is consensus”

“Consensus is achieved by dispensing with personal or sectoral positions and putting the common good above all,” underlined the President of the Legislative Power, Hugo Sager, referring to ordinary session No. 15, which took place this Wednesday at the “Deolindo Felipe Bittel” venue.

On this occasion, the Chaco parliament approved Law 3434-A, which establishes the transfer of real estate and green spaces from the provincial government to the Municipality of Resistencia.

It should be remembered that, in the last five sessions, the opposition representatives had withdrawn when this bill was about to be discussed.

In addition, He highlighted the political will of the deputies that allowed the recovery of normality in the treatment of the initiatives of the Legislature. Thus, in the first instance, the approval of the entry into the law of laws was given: the General Budget of the Province 2022.

“We entered the Budget, which will allow us to carry out the public policies of our province and we were able to sanction more than 15 projects, all for the benefit of citizens”, Sager pointed out.

Finally, he valued: “We have also demonstrated the sensitivity of the Chaco legislators to those activities that were strongly affected by the pandemic.”

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