Sager: “The new composition of the Legislature is the depository of the hope of all the people of Chaco”

The president of the Legislature, Hugo Sager, participated this Thursday in the protocol ceremony for the delivery of diplomas to the provincial legislators elected in the November 14 elections, who will take office on December 10 with a mandate until 2025. “We accompany an important event in the institutional framework of our province,” said the deputy.

The head of the Chaco parliament accompanied the act that took place at the Gala Convention Center, where the authorities of the Provincial Electoral Tribunal delivered the diplomas to the legislators who will make up the legislative body in December.

In the coming days, the preparatory session will take place, where, in addition to the swearing in of the 16 elected deputies, the authorities that arise from the decision of this new establishment of Power will be elected.

“We are accompanying this important event in the institutional framework of our province, having concluded a stage that will remain in history, because they are elections that were carried out in a pandemic, with all that this means. And if something was missing, the 14th was marked by inclement weather, which did not prevent the Chaco people from voting. Thus, more than 70% attended, giving legitimacy and support to these 16 deputies “Sager stated.

“The new composition of the Legislature as of December 10 is the depository of the hope of the people of Chaco, the House of Democracy should be the place for debate, which has to allow us to find consensus and enact legislation for the short and long deadline, ”Sager said.

“In a short time we will be celebrating 40 uninterrupted years of democracy and that has a special value for us, those of us who were able to vote for the first time in 83 ‘, that is why we are here to share the joy with the elected deputies”, he limited.

They received their diplomas from the Frente de Todos: Mariela Quirós, Rodrigo Ocampo, Paola Benítez, Atlanto Honcheruk, Elba Ojeda, Juan José Bergia, Andrea Charole and Juan Carlos Ayala.

For the Chaco Change Front + Together for Change: Leandro Zdero, Zulma Galeano, Carim Peche, Silvina Canteros Reiser, Sebastián Lazzarini, Dorys Arkwright and Alejandro Aradas.

And for the Integrating Front, Darío Bacileff Ivanoff.

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