Sáenz, on the elections: “It is a teaching that the people leave to those who govern"

After the intense electoral day that took place yesterday in Salta and throughout the country, which marked a clear defeat of the ruling party at the national level, Gustavo Sáenz, Governor of the Province of Salta, in dialogue with Get informed, jump, assured that “It is a teaching that the people leave to those who govern, that you have to know how to listen”.

In that sense, he argued that It is a clear message to the political leadership so that once and for all put aside hatred, resentment, political pettiness and get to work for the real problems that people have, which are unemployment, inflation, poverty. and so many other things.

“People no longer believe in what politicians say, but in what they do”

Sáenz argued that those who do not self-criticism enjoy a very great pride. “Recognizing mistakes for me is not weakness, it is a sign of greatness, it is assuming that one is wrong, one is a human being who makes mistakes but can also make amends for those mistakes,” he said.

On who he will support in the November Generals, he said that Salta people have to choose with absolute tranquility and without any kind of pressure the candidates who will represent them in Congress, while congratulating the elected candidates. “I hope they represent the interests of Salta and not the interests of political parties,” he said.

“I will sit down with each and every one of the candidates so that those who arrive accompany the provincial government in what they understand that they can accompany and that they do not accompany in what they understand that they should not do so”

Miracle Time

Sáenz quoted the words of the Archbishop Mario Antonio Cargnello and called to show a very great civic maturity. “Above all, we must understand that we are making a great effort so that people can share and live the Miracle, this celebration of the Miracle that we all carry in our hearts.”

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