Sad and discouraged: the dark days suffered by Alberto Fernández

Although you try to be lively and talkative in public, Alberto Fernandez go through one of the periods darker in his political career. In fact, his physical appearance and his way of acting in private cause more and more concern in his surroundings, who see him sad and discouraged.

The defeat in the PASO marked a profound break in the ruling party that was materialized with the fierce bidding between Kirchnerism and Albertism, which shook the government and led to changes within the cabinet. But perhaps the strongest impact was suffered by Alberto Fernández himself, who had already been hit by the repercussions of the birthday of Fabiola Yanez in Olivos and the very poor results in economic and health matters.

While he had regained some vigor after his fight with Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, thanks in large part to the discursive turn imposed by the advisor Antoni Gutiérrez-Rubí to give a more positive tone to the electoral campaign, Alberto Fernández fell back into discouragement and surrender, assured the journalist Fernando Carnota.

Alberto Fernández’s smile in public hides a latent sadness.

“There is concern for Alberto: they notice it every day more blurred, his image falls, he is in a bad mood, he lost the initiative and he is delivered“, synthesized Carnota last night in the program + Voces, of the channel LN+.

On the other hand, the government also aroused unusual anger with Anibal Fernandez. “There are a lot of fever in the Government because the issue of I took out of agenda the only good news of the week referring to the recovery of tourism and consumption over the long weekend, “said Carnota about the scandal of the threats on Twitter that led the Minister of Security and aroused an avalanche of criticism and repudiation.

In general terms, the communicator added, within the ruling party, it prevails again some measured optimism, especially in “recovering some points in the Province of Buenos Aires”, although they believe that “in the Nation the results are going to get worse.”


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