Saavedra: strong support for the management of Notararigo and the Juntos front

The Juntos list was the great winner in the PASO of the Saavedra district, which implies strong support for the management of the current mayor Gustavo Notararigo. The list of the ruling party totaled 4,772 votes in an election characterized by lower voter turnout (it did not reach 60% of the electoral roll).

Early on, a climate of serene celebration began to be experienced in the UCR committee where the Juntos bunker was set up. From the first data, a trend was noticed that finally turned out to be irreversible.

“For me it was a great responsibility and a challenge to have to defend the management of Gustavo (Notararigo),” said Mariana Casabone, who heads the list and who is seeking re-election as councilor.

The other great winner was the neighbor and current councilor Matías Nebot, who led the All for Saavedra list and who was second (in the individual lists vote) with 2,276 votes. He even gave himself the pleasure of winning in his locality, Goyena, by just 7 votes (118 to 111). Since the advent of democracy, it is the first time that radicalism has not triumphed there.

The other reading of these elections was the internal fought of the Frente de Todos, where list 2 of the traditional PJ led by Silvana Ércoli was imposed, with 2,020 votes. It surpassed by a small margin to the list 6 of Leticia Iacovelli, that added 1,465 votes, and that responds to the massismo.

It is clear that it was a harsh wake-up call for the leadership of former mayor Hugo Corvatta and current president of the PJ, although in a hypothetical summation of both payrolls, justicialism would be second.

Finally, the Left Front exceeded the minimum percentage of votes required, with 279 adhesions, and will be in the general elections in November. Different is the case of Principles and Values, which with 161 votes would not arrive. In any case, to define this we will have to wait for the final scrutiny. (Pigüé Agency)

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