RusherKing: "I’m living the dream that I dreamed of since I was little"

This is how he remembers his neighborhood as a boy: “Dirt streets, very few lights. Very few people and very little traffic. But a beautiful neighborhood, I have many memories of playing ball with my friends ”, he relates with a hint of nostalgia and at the same time a certain joy.

Entrevista a RusherKing

In that scenography he began to compete in the squares, enthusiastic about the performances of G Sony and Dtoke. “I was dying to rap like them, and I signed up for competitions. I started training every day locked in my room until it started to do moderately well, and two years after competing almost every weekend, I threw myself into music, because I felt that it was what fulfilled me the most and I felt that I was going to transcend with that, ”he recalls.

A few weeks ago, he presented “Bailando te saber” with Duki, which quickly reached 10 million streams on Spotify and more than 21 million views on YouTube, staying in the top trending positions. The same happened with his previous release, “Loba”, and the same with “Cerca de ti”, a single that he shared with his friend and colleague Tiago PZK.

Rusherking, Duki – BAILANDO TE CONOCI (Official Video)

In the same sense, he has collaborations with other current protagonists of the urban genre such as Lit Killah, Bhavi and Seven Kayne, as well as other hits such as “Confiésalo” together with María Becerra, with whom they are also a couple -the kind that all the pibada talks about. – since two years ago.

The band is rehearsing in the background, and Rusher hums upstairs. He is excited, and very focused on what lies ahead. That same night, when the dialogue with La Capital ends, they go on tour for the first time to Tucumán. Before starting with the questions, he clarifies how the nickname is pronounced: “Crazy, they tell me Roger King a lot of times, and it’s Rusher.” Then be grateful for the interview space.

“Is the nickname because you were a gamer?”

-Of course! It comes for the little games. When I was little I played Counter Strike, and they called me Rusher all the time, it stuck in my head, and in the first freestyle competition I signed up for, I put on Rusher. The term is used in all games, but I put it for the counter, it is when you go quickly to the play, when you buy the weapon and you are going to kill everyone. That’s a Rusher, and then I added the King to it.

  —You are a very young kid, and many things are happening to you regarding public interest and popularity. Did you have time to dream about it or did it all happen very quickly?

—It was not a short process until this, I had my years, so I had time to dream about it. It was something I wanted to do when I was little, and luckily now things are starting to turn out. But it was a long road, and we’re going to keep pushing it. I feel fresh, at my literal best, and I feel repellent. Although things happened quickly, I also had my process and I had to be down, very down, and now that I’m on the move, I have to break it more.


“How is your musical education?”

—As a boy I used to listen to Daddy Yankee a lot, and a lot of reggaeton. Wisin & Yandel, Don Omar. But Daddy Yankee literally listened to it every day. And today he is one of my biggest idols and references, and it would be great to be able to do something with him sometime. I never had him around, I don’t know him, and it would be a dream.

—How did you get from La Banda to Buenos Aires?

—I had a song that I really liked, and I wanted to make the clip in Buenos Aires, because at that moment I felt that everything was happening here. I got together with a filmaker to record, we did it, and I went back to my house in Santiago del Estero. A month later a production company called me who wanted to sign me, we did it, and they brought me to live in Buenos Aires. From there, I am making music, although now I am independent, no longer with that production company.

  “How much do you participate in putting together your songs?”

-The 100%. The compositions of lyrics and melodies are mine. Sometimes I get together with FMK who is a friend and composer from here, who breaks everything, and with him we write some songs. Also with the Big One, which creates the beats, and is also in charge of recording and mixing.


“How did what you compose come about?”

—It’s born to me … it just paints me to transmit the things that happen to me, because I feel that way, and it’s the way that most fills me of doing it. I love making music.

  “At the same time, are you aware of how many people it reaches?” Today everything happens through views, likes, etc.

“If I said no, I’d be lying to you.” It is like a pressure that is there, and you are aware of those things. I try not to care, to play dumb and do what I like the most, what fulfills me the most. But there is always this ghost of numbers, statistics and all that stuff.

  “Why do you try not to care?”

“Because I feel like the more you care, the more you get blinded by it.” And I feel that it is not the way, and it is not the end. What interests me the most is the artistic part, doing things that fill me, being able to transmit to my people, that they listen to me doing what I love, and that fill them.

  —There is a trend that is feat. (songs recorded together with other artists) Is it super necessary in the genre?

—No, but we do a lot because he paints like that, and most of us on the scene are friends, we’re together all the time, and we do songs. We always get together, and we like that of getting together and participating, and apart from that, it has much more scope. It may be that it is a kind of brotherhood, and it is incredible that that happens, making songs together is the best thing that can happen.

  – Of all those collaborations, which one did you enjoy the most?

-And I think that. Of all of them, the one that marked me the most was “Cerca de ti” with Thiago, a before and after for my career, for my life, for everything.

  “I thought you were going to say María (Becerra).”

“Mary’s too, of course, because of what it means.” It is true, now that you tell me, it is in the same top. Because it came out at a time that I was like the ortho, I was having a really bad time, and that song meant a band for me.

  “Were they already a couple?”

“We were already dating, yes.” We have been together for two years. And it’s the first song we did together, bah, not the one we did, but the one that came out. And to this day it makes us proud, because we listen to it and it’s like the two little pichoncitos are there, re little ones. Because a year of that passed, we changed, we evolved a lot in many things, and it is a beautiful memory that we have of the relationship and of ourselves.

  “Do you know Rosario?”

—I never went, it’s the first time I’m going and they told me that people are super affectionate, so we’re going to have a “flame”.

  “I guess you don’t get nervous anymore?”

“No … don’t believe it.” I get nervous. Before entering I always eat my head, but hey, I try to be as professional as possible and convey good things to people.

_What do you eat your head with?

_With the people! It makes me nervous how they are going to receive me, what they are thinking, if they are anxious for me to be there. Or if I don’t get to a note, things like that go through my head before going on stage.

_ How are you living the theme of touring with massive shows?

_It’s a flash… I’m literally living a dream. Just today I literally got up and said “today I’m going on tour for the first time”, and it’s something that when I was little I flashed what I wanted to do, and to be doing it is crazy. We are 17 people, between the band, work team, sound, lights, everyone. The show has many moments, sad and happy songs, also freestyle, dances and solos of the band. The same thing is like now I’m not enjoying it 100%, because it’s like I have all the pressures on me, I want to get to the place and sing. But I feel that in a little while I’m going to start enjoying it a little more, when I have everything a little more assimilated.

_ How was the band put together?

_We did a casting through my social networks, summoning people to a place where we did the auditions, and we chose among all the people that we liked the most and went with me. And the truth is that it is re-sailed, they are all bosses. They are people I have known for a long time, I take it with everyone. We are entering into trust and getting to know each other. Because for me all this is new, we are going on tour now, and the first show I had in theater was four months ago, which was the first with them. But very cool, good people who want to work, like me.

_ How do you do to stop the adrenaline of wanting to do all the time?

_I am handle all the time, wanting to do things all the time. Just talking about that I wanted to start meditating, that I was seeing that he does super cool to lower anxiety and be more calm with things, so I can put him there so as not to be so handle.

_What does the RusherKing think of today when he thinks of the 15-year-old who battled in the squares of Santiago del Estero?

_That as a kid I already had things very clear, when I put the idea in my head that I wanted to be a singer. I wanted to be a competitor, and I did it because I broke my ass doing it and because I felt like I was doing it right. And today I appreciate and value the effort I put into it to be where I am today. I am proud of that.

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