Rumor in Star Wars: Leak reveals teaser for possible Knights of Ren series

During the afternoon of this Thursday, January 13 A leak that ‘affects’ Star Wars went viral, linked to a possible series based on the Knights of Ren.

Through social networks, fans of the Lucasfilm franchise were surprised by a small video that shows scenes from a new story. It is important to note that it may be something not real, as a fan made.

It is a project of which there was no knowledge, which makes it somewhat hard to believe. Seven new movies and series had been announced from the company, but nothing in relation to this order of warriors.

What is the leak about?

In the material of little more than a minute it is possible to appreciate the pursuit of a TIE fighter to an X wing. From the ship of the New Order (or the Empire) emerges a member of the Kylo Ren’s organization which cuts the ‘X-wing’ in two with a lightsaber.

After this sequence, the Star Wars animation appears for its new stories, titled Knights of Ren. Subsequently, the record that is recorded from a screen, ends with the Disney + mark.

Although the veracity of the video is unknown, in recent times Adam Driver he was asked if he would play Ben Solo again. In response to this, the actor left open the possibility of returning to the franchise.

Without knowing if it is a series or a movie (or if it is real) the Knights of Ren are a group that draws deep attention among fans and this leak excites Star Wars fans.

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