Ruca will stop detecting human remains and searching for people

“ESCAM is a source of pride for the entire west of Argentina. From the municipality we bet and support the organizations that help Maipú continue to grow. It is a pride to be able to count on professionals who are always at the service of the community, ”said Stevanato.

Members of the active corps were also distinguished and awarded medals in recognition of their work. Finally, special recognition was given to Isis, another German shepherd who left the team after 8 years of service.

Ruca was the first dog in Cuyo to be certified by the Ministry of National Security as a search can in collapsed structures, while it was internationally approved by Let’s (US organization) for HR detection.

Ruca in Maipú.jpg

Ruca was distinguished by the mayor of Maipú, Matías Stevanato.

Ruca’s work

Active since 70 days of life, Ruca was key in cases such as the femicide of Marina Vedia, in 2017, when she found the murder weapon. He was also the one who marked the perimeter of the Potrerillos dam in 2018 where divers found the remains of Concepción Arregui, murdered that year.

Ruca was essential when detecting blood spots in the case of the Israeli sisters Lily Pereg and Pirhya Sarousi, which led to the arrest of the suspect after finding the bodies of the victims.

With the passage of time, Ruca’s physical reaction begins to be an impediment to the work of excellence that he has provided in these 10 years, so as of this Wednesday he will stop being part of ESCAM to enjoy the rest of his life. “She will continue to be the darling of the family,” explained Ayelén Castro with a laugh, Ruca’s inseparable companion.

ESCAM will have its space in the Metropolitan

The Municipality of Maipú, through the Mayor, granted ESCAM a property within the Parque Metropolitano Sur, a place where the act of recognition and gratitude to Ruca for so many years of effort and professionalism was held.

This property will be used as a training ground for the Canine Training School: “Our commitment is to strengthen ties with these institutions that are essential to society. That is why this land will serve as a meeting point for the ESCAM team and all kinds of activities that they decide to carry out for the benefit of the community ”, concluded Stevanato.

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