Rosario-Cañada de Gómez passenger train: they called a tender to renew the tracks

In statements to the program “The first in the morning” from LT8Giuliano said that in this country “there is not only the metropolis of the Greater Buenos Aires metropolitan area that has had trains for more than a hundred years, but there are other regions such as the conglomerates of Rosario, Córdoba or Salta.”

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“We are in a region that needs fluidity in the mobility of its inhabitants and the train has to be a tool in that sense. We are calling for bids, but the works have already begun with the budget of Argentine Trains in a first phase, with inspection of the tracks and the eight scheduled stations, ”the official explained.

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Giuliano also mentioned that a station is planned to be installed about 700 meters from Fisherton Airport. “We are in the workshop stage in the ascending and descending routes in the parts that need maintenance and replacement of sleepers.”

August 23, 2021

Giuliano added that Argentine Trains “have been complying with each of the stages in which they made a commitment to the Ministry of Transportation. Inspections first, then the workshop and repair work. Today the call for bids is published. It is an investment of more than 980 million pesos to run a local train between Rosario and Cañada de Gómez, which will pass through Fisherton, Funes, Roldán, Carcarañá and Correa ”.

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When asked about how long the journey between Rosario and Cañada de Gómez will take, the official from the Ministry of Transportation stated: “A test train or experimental trip is being considered for near the end of the year. You can hardly run a local train, you have to do tests because there are sectors that require more attention. The idea is to increase the speed so that in less than two hours the entire journey can be completed, with one frequency in the morning and another in the evening, at a very low cost with a rate of no more than 40 pesos ”. .

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