Roof of a house in Gómez Palacio collapses; another is at risk

The rains that were felt during the morning and part of the afternoon on Wednesday provoked the mobilization of the prevention, aid and rescue corps; After damage to the roofs of two houses was reported, the beams collapsed in one of the houses.

It was during the afternoon of Wednesday that the personnel of the Security and Citizen Protection Directorate became aware of the collapse of a house located on Guevara and Patoni streets in the Rubén Jaramillo de Gómez Palacio neighborhood. No injured people were reported from the accident.

Blanca Yajaira, owner of the farm, said that she heard the walls thunder and later cracks formed, so she requested support to remove some furniture from her home.

The woman was transferred to the house of one of her relatives where she will spend the night.

Likewise, elements of the Municipal Police, the Fire Department and Civil Protection moved to the 5 de Mayo neighborhood to provide support to a 63-year-old woman since the roof of her house was about to collapse due to the humidity generated by the rain of the last hours.

It was in a farm located on Almonte avenue between Pedro Lascurain and Vicente Guerrero where the authorities met with 63-year-old María, who said she wanted to evacuate her home since she was alone and feared that the roof would collapse so that Immediately the agents began to remove some of the woman’s belongings and furniture, which they moved to a nearby address.

The house was cordoned off by the prevention authorities and the owner of the house was transferred to the home of one of her relatives who provided shelter for her.

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