Romera: "Dichiara is wrong, it is not the same to be mayor of 10 thousand people than 300 thousand"

The Secretary General of the Municipality, Pablo Romera, mentioned this morning that Alejandro Dichiara is wrong to criticize Gay as he does.

In statements to CNN, the official said that “I notice him very irritated for a great summer season and I miss some of the statements he makes.”

“When Dichiara criticizes Bahía Blanca, he is disrespecting all Bahia residents. I remind him that in November 50% supported the administration of Mayor Héctor Gay,” he said.

The official said that it is important to have an analytical capacity: “I am surprised by him and his years in politics.”

Romera said that “they had a problem with lifeguards and could not solve it, it is not the same to be mayor of a city for 10,000 people than for one of 300,000.”

Regarding Dichiara’s criticism of the airport, the official said that “he is wrong and very much in criticizing our management for the lack of flights in Bahia. If there is something we want and dream of, it is to have the number of flights we had two years ago again. I remember when we went with Héctor (Gay) to the airport to receive the first FlyBondi flight, we had seven flights per day. Today we have one and only one company. “

“The manager of Aerolineas is a Kirchner militant. I wonder, if Dichiara is such a friend of Máximo Kirchner, why doesn’t he think about the region and work so that we return to that time,” he emphasized.

Finally, Romera referred to the water crisis in the city.

“In the first two years of María Eugenia Vidal’s management, there was a large investment to change a large number of ABSA pipes, I had the opportunity to see in the conditions that they were and were deplorable. 2 billion pesos were invested in a sewage treatment plant, “he recalled.

“Vidal ruled the Province for four years, not 26,” he continued. “If ABSA is as it is, it is largely the responsibility of Daniel Scioli. In any case, the issue of water is not to blame one another, but to seek solutions to a problem from years ago. “

“For 30 years, Peronism ruled 26. The least they have to do is find a solution. In April of last year (Axel) Kicillof came to a totally political act in ABSA, we spent 30 minutes listening to a political act, works were tendered and just now some are being awarded. People do not want tenders, people want works and solutions. We are in January, several months have passed and it is imperative that they be put into operation “, he completed.

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