Román Cepeda confirms the return of the ‘Red Tide’ to Torreón

The elected mayor of Torreón, Román Cepeda, announced that to strengthen the work of Municipal Public Services in his administration, there will be a return, under some modality, of what was once the so-called “red tide”, municipal workers in charge of manual sweeping from the various points of the city, an initiative that in the past generated controversy in the financial area and was the subject of various audits.

It was during this Monday that the next municipal president told the media that the details of said project are already being analyzed, same that was part of his campaign commitments and that seeks to generate labor support under the modality of “temporary” employmentThis in addition to betting on improving the urban image by increasing manual sweeping.

“The tide returns, what color I don’t know, but the tide returns, that it returns, it returns, it was a campaign commitment and we do it for two reasons, first to have a clean Torreón and second, a temporary employment program, then that the tide returns, returns and for the good of Torreón ”.

He said that for this, operational and budget issues are already analyzed, For this reason, there are still no more details such as the number of employees that would have under this scheme, which was established for the first time during the administration of the then mayor Eduardo Olmos Castro.

Mayor Olmos’s so-called “red tide” mainly served high-traffic roads and public spaces, despite the fact that controversy was generated at the time due to the budgetary expenditure that; later the mayor Miguel Riquelme also implemented it with the same intentions.

During his appearance today, Monday, the mayor-elect also pointed out that within the delivery-reception process that is about to begin formally, follow-ups to various successful initiatives of the current administration are contemplatedHe cited the Torreón Police Academy as an example.

“Everything that has been for good will continue, but I also believe that everything can be improved, everything can be improved, and we will continue to be very attentive to all the points that we can improve, so it will be ”, he said.

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