Rojas Vade’s lawyer referred to the alleged illness of the constituent

This Tuesday, defense attorney for Rodrigo Rojas Maturity, Tomás Ramírez, referred to the supposed disease that the constituent claims to suffer, after “Pelao Vade” himself assured – more than a week ago – that he does not suffer from cancer or leukemia and affirmed that he lied to hide his true illness.

According to slogan Radio Bio Bio, in conversation with Ramírez, the latter reportedly informed the aforementioned media that Rojas Vade’s ailment would not be covered by the Auge.

“From his words, it follows that the constituent does not have HIV, as widely speculatede after he indicated in his own testimony that faked his ailment to avoid the stigma it carries”Reports the site.

Oncological groups have questioned the permanence of Rojas Vade in the Constitutional Convention.

It should be noted that the Chile’s Universal Access Plan for Explicit Guarantees (BOOM) covers 85 pathologies, among which is the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome HIV / AIDS, so that this would not be the disease that the activist suffers.

“From what is clear from the words of the lawyer, Rojas Vade would not have stage 4 and 5 chronic kidney disease either, Diabetes Mellitus (type I or II), diabetic retinopathy, depression, cystic fibrosis, relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis, chronic hepatitis due to hepatitis B virus and not hepatitis C ”, adds Bio Bío.

On the other hand, Rojas Vade himself explained in his first public statement after acknowledging that he did not suffer from cancer that “as soon as I am in health conditions that allow me, I can tell you what I have suffered for years. About fear, shame and rage of living in a society where people are discriminated against for economic, gender and health reasons ”.

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