Rodríguez Larreta’s daring move that brought him closer to Kirchnerism

Beyond the sports scrolls that no one could doubt, the designation of Carlos “Chapa” Retegui at the head of the Department of Sports of CABA has generated noise within the PRO. Especially because of his recent past Kirchnerist as a councilor in San Fernando and his friendship with the Minister of Security Aníbal Fernández. As if that were not enough, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta the name suggested it Martin Lousteau, a radical who has long been a strategic ally of the head of government.

Retegui landed on the Buenos Aires Cabinet with a message of unity that is framed within the plan of Rodriguez Larreta to consolidate a broad alternative for the presidential elections of 2023. But behind the scenes, there are those who argue that building bridges with Kirchnerism is crossing the limit.

“Life is not black or white. There are grays, shades. I have friends on both sides and that does not mean that one with respect, with transparency, with sincerity cannot collaborate or help. I have many friends in the national government and also in the city government, “he said. Retegui after assuming.

His appointment generates discomfort on both sides of the rift but at the same time opened channels of dialogue that seemed impossible. Media ideologically linked to the Front of All they interviewed Retegui and they replicated his peacemaking message. Even in the nefarious naysayers of Rodriguez Larreta They wished their new official success in the management.

For the “hawks” of the PRO this play lays bare the cards of Rodriguez Larreta in his strategy to be president in 2023. The hard wing of Together for Change considers that the rift is irreconcilable and they reject these flirtations with the middle avenue. Meanwhile, Rodriguez Larreta has deployed a large network of alliances and is committed to showing management in these last two years to end 2023 as an overcoming option capable of solving the problems that the country is dragging on.

“It is a pride and an honor that an emblem of Argentine hockey joins this great team, which continues to grow,” he said. Rodriguez Larreta. “For us, sport is much more than physical activity: it is an enormous engine of inclusion, which transforms realities and forms values, such as teamwork, perseverance, discipline and respect for others. And precisely for this reason We are convinced that Chapa, who demonstrated those values ​​in each competition, raising the colors of our country, and inspired so many boys with his achievements with Las Leonas and Los Leones, is the ideal person to fill this position, “he explained.

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