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Several weeks have passed since Melissa Paredes was supported by Anthony Aranda, her then dancer from El gran show, which caused her definitive separation with Rodrigo Cuba. After days of talk and discussion, the soccer player and the presenter reached an agreement on the possession of their daughter, as well as the distribution of the assets they owned as spouses.

Now, the Sport Boys player has become a ‘little house’ from Amor y fuego, who usually reviews the stories he uploads on a daily basis. Instagram when he spends time with his daughter. This Thursday was no exception, since Rodrigo González observed in detail what the little girl was doing next to the ‘Cat’ until the driver remembered a detail.

‘Peluchín’ commented on the storm that they seem to have overcome Rodrigo Cuba and Melissa Paredes and he took the opportunity to mention Anthony Aranda.


“He is having a good time and is moving on with his life, which is the right thing to do. The moment has passed, the divorce is on track, they have already reached a solomonic agreement, while the other (Aranda) is liking the photo with the mother and everything. To the opportunistic dancer, the activator ‘Kitty’ ”, he expressed.

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Rodrigo González and Gigi Miter welcome the signing of Rodrigo Cuba by Sport Boys

Despite having reached an agreement with Melissa Paredes, Rodrigo Cuba seems to have prioritized the relationship with his daughter by leaving César Vallejo to join Sport Boys. Therefore, the drivers of Amor y fuego congratulated the footballer, since they considered that this decision will do good not only to him, but also to his little girl.

Rodrigo Cuba will stay with the apartment in which he lived with Melissa Paredes

After reaching an agreement between the two, Melissa Paredes’ lawyer gave a scope of the agreed points and revealed that Rodrigo Cuba will stay with the apartment in which they lived. However, your sponsored will receive a significant amount of money as compensation for this property, which amounts to $ 40,000.

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