Rodolfo Suarez’s positive image surpassed that of Alfredo Cornejo

According to DyC Consultant which measures the image of different candidates and political personalities, it was identified that the figure of the governor of Mendoza, Rodolfo Suarez, continues to grow within the province and reaches 58.1% of positive image. In this way, he surpasses the ex-governor, Alfredo Cornejo. The current national deputy has a positive image of 55.4%.

Rodolfo Suarez the best positioned.

Faced with the position of the president, Alberto Fernandez, the latest survey shows that the positive image is positioned in a 15,8%. While the negative image ascends to 69,7%. In the month of August, the measurements for the national president oscillated 24.2% for the positive and 68.6% for the negative.

The image of the President falls in Mendoza

In addition to measurements related to the image of politicians, the consulting firm DyC made a comparison between the governments that led in Argentina. The question was: “Does the National Government look alike?” and among the options the Government of Nestor Kirchner, Cristina Fern√°ndez de Kirchner, Fernando De La Rua, Carlos Menem and Mauricio Macri.

Who govern us?

Among the responses, the predominant one was that the National government looks like the presidencies of Cristina Fernandez by 68.5%. In second place the government of Fernando De La Rua with 12.8%.


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