Rodolfo Suarez puts the campaign on his shoulder and seeks to reconquer the Uco Valley

“These are measures that we take from the Government in the short term, in the emergency that we are experiencing, not only as a result of the pandemic, but also of structural crises in the Argentine economy. They are very soft loans, it is more important than giving a plan or other type of help, because it is so that the entrepreneur can continue to grow“Suarez remarked in a clear electoral tone, and differentiating, without referring directly to it, of the policies launched by the National Government.

Launch of the program Semilla.jpg

In case it was necessary to remember, Suarez insisted that Mendoza has very few economic tools and stressed: “We do not manage inflation, which is the greatest scourge suffered by the people, nor the value of the dollarEven so, we are helping in everything we can, “he said in a key promotion of his government.

But to that provincial launch of the Seed program that Suarez did together with the Minister of Economy, Enrique Vaquié, which was also joined by the Minister of Tourism and candidate for national senator, Mariana Juri, was then followed by the inauguration of the piping of the Esquina de Tupungato canal attended by the Superintendent of Irrigation, Sergio Marinelli, and the agreement to finance the demarcation and paving of several streets in that commune through the Municipal Infrastructure Program (PIM).

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