Rodolfo Suarez presented the Seed Plan and took the opportunity to give the national Government a stick

The governor of Mendoza, Rodolfo Suarez, announced on his Twitter account the implementation of the “Seed Plan” for entrepreneurs and took the opportunity to send a hint to the national government by stating that in Mendoza “It is not invested in social plans.”

“In Mendoza we do not invest in social plans but in entrepreneurs. To strengthen the tools available to the province, we presented in Tunuyán, the Seed Plan for a total amount of $ 250 million, “he said on his Twitter account.

“Financing is essential for entrepreneurs throughout the province to start up. With this impulse, it can be invested and used at the beginning of a venture or to boost an existing one. Genuine employment is the only way to a better future,” he added .

“We are in the department of Tunuyán announcing the Seed Program, a program for entrepreneurs, in which the State will have 250 million pesos and each entrepreneur will be granted up to 250 thousand pesos, with a subsidy from 40%, the rest to be paid in 24 months with a 6-month grace period and a 12% rate. It is a good opportunity for entrepreneurs to start an activity, or if they are carrying out one, this may be a help for them to continue with their work, “he says in his explanatory video.


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