Roblox will sue banned player for $1.7 million for terrorizing the platform

Youtuber allegedly even suggested repeating a terrorist act at the developer’s headquarters

A Roblox is suing a player who was banned from the platform years ago for allegedly causing several problems for the game and its developers. The user is the controversial youtuber Benjamin Robert Simon, who supposedly has been terrorizing and being the leader of ‘cybermob’ against the platform.

In the process, which was first detailed by the portal Polygon, the company’s lawyers claim that he “commits and encourages illegal acts intended to harm the Roblox and its users”. The platform claims that the content creator was banned a few years ago for allegedly carrying out homophobic and racist attacks, as well as morally and sexually harassing other players. After losing his account, Simon would be using others created by hackers to stay active in the game.

Throughout the process the Roblox details several examples of alleged misconduct by YouTuber, with one being an allegation that he posted “false and misleading terrorist threats” last month. According to the company, this attack would be during the Roblox Developers Conference in San Francisco, which led to the temporary stoppage of the event and a cost of $50,000 for conducting the investigation and securing the site.

Credits: Roblox Disclosure

The company’s lawyers still accuse Simon of “celebrating April 3, 2018”, which was when a sniper entered the headquarters of the Youtube, with him allegedly stating that he hoped for this to happen at the headquarters of Roblox. In addition, the content creator would also have tried to upload semi-nude photos of himself along with images of Adolf Hitler to the game, in addition to having attempted to upload a sex game to the platform.

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A Roblox Corporation is suing youtuber for breach of contract, fraud, harassment directed at company employees, and for an alleged violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and the California Comprehensive Computer Access and Fraud Act. If the company wins the process, the player may have to pay up to $1.7 million.

The portal Polygon came into so much contact with the Roblox Corporation like with youtuber Benjamin Robert Simon to talk about the case, both refused to talk to the report.


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Source: Polygon, Engadget

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