Robert Farah, the Colombian tennis player referred to the controversial case of Djokovic and gave his opinion on the Covid 19 vaccine

A few days after starting the first Grand Slam of 2022, the Australian Open in its 2022 edition, that will have a Colombian quota, thanks to the coffee duo Juan Sebastián Cabal and Robert Farah.

The tournament has been involved in one of the most mentioned scandals on account of the world champion tennis player Novak Djokovic.

The Serbian star was arrested at the Australian airport in Melbourne upon entering the country, where he intends to defend his title in the Australian Open, for not having been vaccinated against covid-19, even though you were previously approved for a medical exemption.

An episode that shocked the sports world, where some criticized the fact that the best tennis player in the world refuses to be vaccinated against covid-19, while others defended him and called the actions of the government of Australia against the Serbian, for keeping him detained for several days.

The Colombian tennis player Robert Farah, did not hesitate to refer to the subject, indicating that “There has been a lot of bad milk” in the controversial case of Djokovic.

Photo: Robert Farah’s Instagram

“Journalists like to create a lot of weeds. I am not to judge or create a bad opinion about someone. You always have to give the benefit of the doubt “said the Colombian champion.

However, he spoke about his opinion of the Covid 19 vaccination on his social networks stating that “everyone should do it”:

“I do feel that we should all get vaccinated and respect the rules of the countries. If Novak is here it is because he thought that, in some way, he could enter in a legal way.

Renata Voracova, expelled as Djokovic: “I felt like a criminal”

Photo: Instagram

Photo: Instagram

The tennis player Renata Voracova, who was expelled from Australia splattered by the Novak Djokovic scandal, said she felt like she was a criminal.

The doubles player, winner of eleven titles in the modality, was deported from the country after the case of Djokovic, who got into a legal battle with the Australian government to stay in the country.

Voracova, like Djokovic, entered the country without being vaccinated and with a medical exemption that the Government, once in Australia, canceled and forced her to leave its borders.

“I felt like a criminal, but there was no reason why I should feel that way. I filled out all the documents and they were approved. If there had been a 1% that something like this happened or something was not right, I would not have gone to Australia, “Voracova told the BBC in Russia.

“I had a hard time. I didn’t feel safe until I was back home. It was like being in a movie. A long interrogation with orders like” get dressed, get undressed “. I don’t even want to think about it, much less live it again,” added the player.

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