River Plate thrashed Racing and became champion of the Super League adding its title 36

By Argentina Super League the classic between River Plate y Racing this Thursday where the tournament champion by date 22.

The Colombian quota was paid by Jorge Carrascal that although he was not a first baseman, the coffee player entered the second half in the 76th minute and if he achieved a win or a draw, the Colombian would reach his first championship with the millionaire team.

Photo: EFE

In minute 4, there was an error from central Díaz de River, who lost the ball with Copetti who finished off the ball, but was saved with a quick reaction, goalkeeper Armani.

The scoring was opened in the 32nd minute, thanks to an assist from Enzo Fernández that leaves a clear goal position for Palavecino That defines in a great way scoring the first of the match and bringing the local team closer to becoming champion.

Photo: EFE

Photo: EFE

A close match was observed in the first half, with attacking possibilities that resulted in quick plays, both teams looked for the rival goal, however, the advantage was taken by River Plate.

In the 41st minute Brayan Romero after a corner kick from an assist hits the ball with his head into the goal defended by Gabriel Arias.

In the second half, the result was extended, at the beginning, after a play by Palavecino, the ball was left to the player Julián Álvarez, who finished off with his right leg overcoming the resistance of Arias. Score 2-0.

Every time the millionaire team is closer to the title of Argentine soccer.

The forward Brian Romero gave the celebration, thanks to an assistance from the author of the first of the match, Palavecino. Score 3-0.

At the entrance of the Colombian in the 71st minute, with a masterful play, Carrascal made a pass to Romero who aimed directly at the rival goal. decreeing the fourth for River.

The game ended with the victory of River Plate that adds its 36th title in the first division of Argentine soccer, with this award the coach Gallardo achieved the championship that he lacked in his professional career, becoming the most successful strategist of the millionaire club.

On the other hand, the Colombian player Jorge Carrascal gets his first tournament with the Argentine team.

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