River is Argentine soccer champion for the first time in the Gallardo era

River Plate returned to be champion of Argentine soccer, after 8 seasons since the arrival of Marcelo Gallardo, which he had not been able to achieve as a coach, which he achieved so many times as a player, giving one more star to his cycle, the most successful of the history of the club, from the hand of a team that confirmed date to date that it is the best in the national league.

With Marcelo Gallardo as coach and a consolidated structure of references, among which are Franco Armani, Leonardo Ponzio, Enzo Pérez, Javier Pinola, Milton Casco and Jonathan Maidana, to which reinforcements finely selected by the coach were added, such as Matías Suarez, Agustín Palavecino, Jorge Carrascal, Fabrizio Angileri and Braian Romero among others and the contribution of youth, energy and speed that many players trained in the club gave him, such as Julián Álvarez, the team’s top scorer, Gonzalo Montiel, who is no longer in the club but that was part of the campaign, Santiago Simón, Federico Girotti, Héctor Martínez and Enzo Fernández, who returned to the club at the express request of the “Doll”.

“The millionaire” is champion 3 dates before the closing of the championship, in a campaign that had him as the best from end to end, arguing his results in a high-flying football that ended up showing in fullness in the consecrating match against Racing.

The following is the campaign that River Plate put together to become champion of the Professional Soccer League tournament three days in advance.

Opponent Date Scorers Result

1 Colón (L) 1-2 M. Suárez

2 Union (L) 4-0 B. Romero, Suarez

De la Cruz, P. Diaz

3 Lanús (F) 3-0 Zuculini, De la Cruz (2)

4 Hurricane (L) 1-1 B. Romero

5 Godoy Cruz (F) 1-2 J. Alvarez

6 Vélez (L) 2-0 E. Fernández (penalty),


7 Gymnastics (F) 1-1 Suarez

8 Aldosivi (L) 2-0 Alvarez, E. Pérez

9 Sarmiento (V) 2-1 Carrascal, E. Pérez

10 Independent (L) 1-1 Romero

11 Newell’s (F) 4-1 De la Cruz, Alvarez (2),


12 Arsenal (L) 1-0 E. Méndez e/c.

13 C. Córdoba SE (V) 3-1 Carrascal, Alvarez,


14 Boca (L) 2-1 Alvarez (2)

15 Banfield (V) 1-0 Corner e/c.

16 San Lorenzo (L) 3-1 Alvarez (3)

17 Workshops (F) 2-0 R. Rojas, Romero

18 A. Juniors (L) 3-0 Zuculini, Alvarez, Romero

19 Students (F) 1-1 Red

20 Board of Trustees (L) 5-0 Palavecino, Alvarez (4)

21 Platense (F) 1-0 Alvarez

22 Racing (L) 4-0 Palavecino, Alvarez, Romero (2)

(The New Day Newspaper)

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