River de Gallardo thrashed Racing and is champion of the Professional League «Diario La Capital de Mar del Plata

The River by Marcelo Gallardo he more than fulfilled another of his pending assignments. With overwhelming performance he beat Racing 4 to 0 in a monumental grocery store and became champion of the Professional Football League in the absence of three dates for the end of the championship.

Thus, the “millionaire” won the tournament that was missing in this cycle of the “Doll”, the most successful in the rich history of River Plate. There are already 13 titles harvested by the River de Gallardo. To this first Professional League are added the 2 Libertadores Cups, 2 South American Cups, 2 South American Recopadas, 1 Suruga Bank and 5 National Cups.

This Thursday, before his people, River beat Fernando Gago’s Racing with goals from Agustín Palavecino, Julián Alvarez and Braian Romero (for doubled).

Alvarez also scored his 17th goal in the championship and remains the league’s top scorer.

With the three points River reached 52 and, with 9 in dispute, he took 12 out of his most immediate pursuers. Defense and Justice and Workshops of Córdoba.

The numbers support the great campaign of the brand new champion. River is the team that won the most games (16), the one that lost the least (2), the one that scored the most goals (48) and the one that received the least (13). Sensational.

Racing is the other side. Gago’s team is being left out of the classification to the International Cups and since the arrival of the former Aldosivi coach, they have only won 1 game and lost the other 4.


River Plate 4
Armani; Robert Rojas, Paulo Díaz, Héctor Martínez and Pinola; Santiago Simón, Enzo Fernández, Ponzio and Agustín Palavecino; Braian Romero and Julián Alvarez. DT: Marcelo Gallardo.
Racing Club 0
Gabriel Arias; Fabricio Domínguez, Pillud, Nery Domínguez, Mauricio Martínez and Prado; Chancalay, Aníbal Moreno and Carlos Alcaraz; Copetti and Javier Correa. DT: Fernando Gago.

Goals: in the first half, 31 ′ Agustín Palavecino; In the second half, 2 ′ Julián Alvarez, 22 ′ and 32 ′ Braian Romero.

Changes: in the second half, at the beginning, Lisandro López for Chancalay, Lucas Orban for Fabricio Domínguez and Leonel Miranda for Moreno; 24 ′ Ignacio Piatti for Correa, 30 ′ Jorge Carrascal for Ponzio; 34 ′ Jonathan Maidana for Rojas; 37 ′ Federico Girotti for Romero and Tomás Galván for Palavecino.
Basketball court: River Plate.
Referee: Silvio Trucco.

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