Ricky Gervais chose one of his superfans in After Life Series 3

If you’ve lived under a rock, you might not know that Ricky Gervais’ third episode After life is now available on Netflix and one of its superfans has been cast in the series. You can watch his TikToks below:

Cole Anderson-James always dreamed of being an actor, but instead ended up working as a salesman before getting into TikTok.

His lip-syncs became more popular as he tackled scenes of The intermediaries, the office and After life with people watching and taking the time to tag Ricky Gervais in the clips.

Speaking about his success on the video-sharing platform, Cole told inews, “TikTok is amazing because you can have zero followers and still get a million views.

“If your content is good and you’re consistent and you upload something every other day, the algorithm will pass it on to others. On YouTube and Instagram you need followers first, but luckily it worked for me on Twitter as well. »

Eventually, Gervais retweeted one of the videos that caught Emily Atack’s attention and she later cast the 24-year-old on her ITV2 program, Le spectacle d’Emily Atack.

Speaking about the experience, he said: “I’m very grateful to Emily because she knew I had no acting experience but wanted me to audition for the role of her boyfriend.

“This experience meant that I was a little less nervous about filming Life after death and talk to Ricky between takes.

“I play a yoga teacher who laughs in front of a class, in front of seven extras and a main character, but it was me who was doing the talking. » Emily Atack’s mother [Kate Robbins] is in there too, so that was good.

“It’s amazing how differently you’re treated by the crew when you’re a main cast member. They are literally waiting for you, hand and foot. It was literally like a real life version of Supplements.”

Credit: Twitter/@coleandersonJ

When it comes to being thrown in after life, Cole took to Twitter, writing, “@rickygervais don’t give s****y work. Here’s to going from making videos in my bedroom to working with the man himself on #Afterlife3. Thanks to Ricky and everyone last year for all the support! »

Cole explained that he received no advice when he met Gervais, saying, “I didn’t ask him for advice when I saw him, I probably should have. Maybe I’ll be the one to give her advice. »

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