Ricciardo took advantage of the clash between Verstappen and Hamilton to achieve a historic victory for McLaren

The crucial Halo to prevent Verstappen’s tire from hitting Hamilton’s head.

At the Autodromo de Monza there are always good races and the 2021 Italian Grand Prix is ​​no exception. The fourteenth race of the year delivered the resounding triumph of Daniel Ricciardo and that meant the return to victory of McLaren after nine years. It was a historic 1-2 for the English team as Lando Norris came second. While Valtteri Bottas completed the podium with his Mercedes, in a competition that was marked by the touch between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen and the abandonment of both.

Hamilton overtook Norris and was the leader of the competition. The Englishman stopped in round 26 to change tires and when he came back out on the track he ran into Verstappen and both were left out of the race. The touch was the maneuver of the race for heavyweights and all that is at stake.

Verstappen was sanctioned with three places for the next big prize.

Ricciardo regained command of the race and was escorted by Norris. While Sergio “Checo” Pérez (Red Bull) was able to reach third position in front of Bottas who continued with his comeback. Although the Finn came to surpass the Mexican, he was able to recover the last step of the podium.

In the last stage of the race Ricciardo was able to get a good difference and he took 1.5 seconds over his teammate Norris.

Ricciardo was able to stay ahead and achieved a great triumph at Monza where he allowed McLaren to win again at the Maxima after nine years. The Woking team had not won since the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix, the last race of that year, with the success of Jenson Button.


1) Max Verstappen (Red Bull) 226, 5 puntos

2) Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) 221, 5 points

3) Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) 141 points

4) Lando Norris (McLaren) 132 points

5) Sergio Checo Pérez (Red Bull) 118 points


1) Mercedes 362.5 Points

2) Red Bull 344.5 Points

3) McLaren 215 Points

4) Ferrari 201.5 Points

5) Alpine 95 Points

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