Ricardo Montaner, after the announcement of the pregnancy of his daughter Evaluna: "Our hearts explode with happiness"

Evaluna and Camilo They are expecting their first child and they announced it with their new theme together, which names the baby that is on the way, Indigo. Followers and colleagues received the happy news with great joy, but if there is someone who is living this announcement with great enthusiasm, that is Ricardo Montaner, Evaluna’s father, who has already proclaimed himself “The grandfather of the century.”

The singer’s heart explodes with happiness for his grandson, the son his daughter and son-in-law are expecting, and he said so on his social networks, where he shared his reaction to the emotional video clip in which Evaluna and Camilo give the news of they will become parents in a few months.

“Our hearts explode with happiness,” said Ricardo Montaner, who we can also see totally moved in the images of the video clip, where some of the reactions of the relatives of the young couple, such as their parents and siblings, are collected.

The 64-year-old artist was given the scoop by Camilo and Evaluna by showing him a positive pregnancy test, and shortly after he was present when they communicated it to the rest of the Clan, who could not contain the tears of joy for the new member that comes in. path.

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Of course, the images speak for themselves and reveal without the need for words that Ricardo Montaner and his wife Marlene Rodriguez They are delighted with the idea of ​​being grandparents to Indigo, whom her family is already waiting impatiently for.

Camila Cabello, Alejandro Sanz O Sebastian Yatraare just some of the artists who reacted with joy to this news, which continues to go around the world with the moving video clip, which less than a day later has already reached 10 million views.

Congratulations family!

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