Review: Series of the week: “Yellowjackets”

No, this is not a Lord of the Flies update in the Canadian mountains. “Yellowjackets” is not satisfied with (as the Amazon Prime series “The Wilds” recently did) to bring William Golding’s civilization lesson up to date. Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson offer more than a robinsonade, a survival social experiment, a coming-of-age horror. You don’t just crash a high school girls soccer team in a plane in the wilderness in the mid-1990s and spend a year and a half battling the dangers that lurk there and within themselves. They also and above all with a sensational ensemble tell of what became of those 25 years later who survived this bad trip and who hide their traumas and psychological deformations sometimes more, sometimes less well.

For example, the smart Shauna (Sophie Nélisse / Melanie Lynskey), who instead of going to an elite college, is now a housewife; the rebel Natalie (Sophie Thatcher / Juliette Lewis), who has just come back from a rehab clinic; or the outsider Misty (Sammi Hanratty / Christina Ricci), who was bullied at school, is now a nurse and was the first to hold an ax after the plane crash.

Sky, ab 28.12. With Melanie Lynskey, Juliette Lewis, Christina Ricci


Series of the week: “The Discounter”

A lot was improvised in just 23 days of shooting, most of it is actually very funny. There is a bit too much fecal humor and cheap punchlines, but what is really a shame: That the season ends with a gag reflex – in episode nine, while in the tenth only a making-of is shown.

Series of the week: “American Rust”

Sober, intense narration of bleak life plans, wrong decisions, guilt and atonement – ultimately a drama of the decline of the American middle class.

Review: “And Just Like That”: masturbate even in old age – but now with reading glasses

Everything is talked about: racism, sexism, political correctness, careers, raising children and of course all kinds of difficulties in relationships, not just in bed. But in times when social media has long been providing information about every tiny aspect in all details, there is nothing fascinating about it.

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