Review: Apple Watch Series 7, a bigger screen does make a difference

Green and the new star white and midnight blue are added to the usual colors.

Be careful, for those who have a series 6 these changes may not be substantial to change the model, but for those who have a series 3 or 4, they can see screen sizes up to 50% larger, as well as the integration of the health sensors that They exist from models like the 5 or 6. For those who have the 6, this is a good change if they depend on their watch to a great extent, not only in terms of health, but even in work matters.

The new Apple Watch is IP6X certified for dusty environments and maintains the WR50 certification for water, thinking more and more about the new exercise functions that the WatchOS will begin to read such as bicycle, as well as e bikes.

In terms of battery, compared to a 6 series it has practically the same performance, which can cause frustration for some people (although this practically represents that it has an all-day life). The plus is that the promise of fast charging is real, with a charge of 80% in 45 minutes, which then allows you to be ready to use it at bedtime and use it as a sleep monitor or even, in my case, to measure the oxygenation of the blood and see my levels as soon as I wake up.

Now, this new smartwatch already comes with USB-C, so if you are already an Apple Watch user, you will have to say goodbye to your previous “squares” with USB-A input and start using the one on your iPhone.

The new Apple Watch Series 7 is sold from 9,999 pesos to 19,199 pesos depending on the size and type of strap. This time the smartwatch is available in blue, product RED, star white, midnight blue and green.

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