Reus: "it still hurts"

The ultimately decisive penalty decision in the spectacular 4: 3 Borussia Dortmund at Bayer Leverkusen caused some discussion. The involved Marco Reus also commented on the scene.

Was drawn after the penalty situation: Marco Reus.

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What happened? In the 74th minute of the remarkable game, Leverkusen’s defender Odilon Kossounou shielded the ball in his own penalty area against the German national player, who was also striving for the game device – and hit him with a somewhat gruff movement with his hand in the face, with Reus making a small cut on the Nose closed. After consulting with the video assistant Guido Winkmann, referee Daniel Siebert watched the scene again on video. And then gave a penalty, which Erling Haaland used for the 4-3 winning goal for BVB.

“I wanted to get the ball, my opponent tries to shield the ball, of course I try to get in a little bit from the outside and then he hits me with the elbow. Of course it hurts at the moment and it always does still hurt “, said Reus after the game on” Sky “, his impressions and feelings of the scene still on the square, which then caused a lot of discussion.

Kehl agrees: punch was “unnecessary”

After seeing the pictures on video for the first time, the 32-year-old corrected himself a little: “In my opinion, it is not a real punch” – as Kossounou did not fully swing his elbow, according to Reus. “What should I do? He hits me, I notice it, it hurts and that’s why I’m going down.”

When asked whether the action was a penalty for him, Reus ultimately took a clear position. “The referee whistled, so it was a penalty,” said the offensive player who, when asked, confirmed that the scene was a penalty for him personally. Sebastian Kehl, head of the licensed player department and future sports director at BVB, also saw this: “It is unnecessary of him (Kossounou; d. Red.) To give Marco such a blow. I would say you can give the penalty. ”

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