RetroArch is available on Steam and should bring several emulators to the Steam Deck

Software brings PS1, Nintendo 64, Game Boy emulators and more

Stwam released yesterday (14) the “emulator aggregator” Retroarch, which brings together emulators from several older consoles such as Super Nintendo and PlayStation 1 in a more practical way than configuring each emulator individually. It also means that the Steam Deck will have easy software support.

If you’ve been interested in emulators on PC or even mobile phones at some point and did some research, chances are you’ve already heard of RetroArch. It is not an emulator per se, but uIt is a free program that can load the so-called “cores” of emulators of various games and integrate all your titles in one place, as if it were acting as a retro game launcher.

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With compatibility for many consoles like Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Game Boy Advanced, PlayStation 1 and more, RetroArch is a relatively easy software to configure, at least compared to other emulators, and the fact that it is available on Steam makes it a lot easier this process. However, emulator cores do not load automatically in the Steam version, and need to be added manually as free DLCs available in the store, which actually isn’t that complicated.

The integration of emulators for Steam brings several advantages that really catch the attention of those who like to revisit their games, such as support for cloud rescue in addition to other features such as the Remote Play Together.

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In fact, RetroArch arrived on Steam as a pleasant surprise that should even be available on the Steam Deck. In theory, Valve’s future console/laptop PC will support any emulator if the user is persistent enough, however, now there’s a big list of these consoles supported directly by the Steam system on the console, which can help both those who are already very familiar with emulators and those who don’t understand so much about how to configure them.


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Via: Techblog, GamesBeat

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