Results and images: the public vibrated to the beat of the sixth date of the Zonal Categories

The Ezequiel Crisol de Aldea Romana dressed up on the eve to welcome the public back to its stands, which in large numbers filled the venue to witness a fabulous day of mechanical competitions.

Gone was a very entertaining sixth date of the 2021 calendar of the Zonal Categories, supervised by the Regional Federation No. 3 of the Southwest, on a climatic day that was notably lent to the show.

In sports, the sports call threw all kinds of emotions; again highlighting a high parity coefficient in the six categories and more than the 130 machines present in the pits.

The Formula 3CV Type 1.4 and the TC del Sudoeste were the only divisions that repeated the winners of the two final rounds.

In the 3CV the absolute dominator of the date was Emiliano Krieger from Pig, dominating both strong plates over Oscar Maurel and Ezequiel Schwerdt, respectively; while in the 6 cylinders, once again the pigüense Franco Venchi devastated his opponents.

In the Sport Prototypes, which on Saturday faced the first date of the playoff, the finals were shared by Martín Zabalegui from Bahia and Hernán Martínez from Puerto Rico; perfect result for the Tomba Racing team.

For the Fiat Uno Pista, the fifth date of its contest increased 100% effectiveness in winners by number of competitions disputed. This time, the triumphal baptism was for the young people of Bahia Agustín Caspe and Matías Lastra Meler.

In the Gran Turismo de la Comarca, Jorge Vallese from Pigeon and Nicolás Pizarro from Villalonguense shared two very beautiful finals. For the champion, this result deposited him at the top of the contest.

Finally, in the Regional Tourism, the pigüense Emanuel Alaux returned to reign in Bahia soil and was left with his second win of the season, adding very good points to prolong his favoritism to the title.

The podium was completed by Matías Perrozzi from White and Imanol Bizet from Villalogue, two other great contenders for the crown.

The zonal calendar, which is already entering its final stretch, will continue on the weekend of November 6 and 7 at the Ciudad de Pigüé Racetrack.


Sport Prototipos

–First final: 1) Martín Zabalegui; 2) Federico González; 3) Daniel Fernández; 4) Hernán Martínez; 5) Gonzalo Ochoa; 6) Germán Vallejos; 7) Patricio Dotta; 8) Juan Pablo Vasisek; 9) Javier Puliafito and 10) Rodrigo Aceituno.

–Second final: 1) Hernán Martínez; 2) Martín Zabalegui; 3) Lucas González; 4) Daniel Fernández; 5) Federico González; 6) Raúl Gottfrit; 7) Germán Vallejos; 8) Patricio Dotta; 9) Mateo Basile and 10) Joaquín Domínguez.

Formula 3CV TYPE 1.4

–First final: 1) Emiliano Krieger; 2) Oscar Maurel; 3) Jorge González; 4) Ezequiel Schwerdt; 5) Federico Vincet; 6) Fernando Curetti; 7) Matías Martínez; 8) Antonio Mateos; 9) Darío Rausch and 10) Oscar Vita.

–Second final: 1) Emiliano Krieger; 2) Ezequiel Schwerdt; 3) Matías Martínez; 4) Lucas Laguzzi; 5) Federico Vincet; 6) Jorge González; 7) Oscar Maurel; 8) Antonio Mateos; 9) Darío Rausch and 10) Leonel Laguzzi.

Fiat Uno Pista

–First final: 1) Agustín Caspe; 2) Agustín Caspe; 3) Juan Alberto Vallasciani; 4) Ruben Parterrieu; 5) Matías Lastra Meler; 6) Walter Villatoro; 7) Fernando Nardi; 8) Nicolas Virdis; 9) Luciano Pessino and 10) Guillermo Fabi.

–Second final: 1) Matías Lastra Meler; 2) Fernando Nardi; 3) Agustín Minujín; 4) Guillermo Fabi; 5) Nicolás Virdis; 6) Jorge Crisci; 7) Juan Alberto Vallasciani; 8) Carlos Pasos; 9) Walter Pipkin and 10) Juan Pablo Izarra.

Regional Tourism

–First series: 1) Matías Perrozzi; 2) Braian Quevedo; 3) Luciano Van Doorn; 4) Enzo Marti and 5) Augusto Rochet.

–Second series: 1) José Valla; 2) Imanol Bizet; 3) Eloy Huarte; 4) Juan Francisco Perugini and 5) Fabricio Balogh.

–Third final: 1) Emanuel Alaux; 2) Giuliano Scaiola; 3) Matías Iseppi; 4) Gastón Abbate and 5) Fabio Gallego.

–Final: 1) Emanuel Alaux; 2) Matías Perrozzi; 3) Imanol Bizet; 4) Giuliano Scaiola; 5) Braian Quevedo; 6) José Valla; 7) Agustín Pérez Meler; 8) Luciano Van Doorn; 9) Mauro Ficcadenti and 10) Enzo Marti.

Southwest TC

–First final: 1) Franco Venchi; 2) Marcos Lecomte; 3) Ignacio Furch; 4) Gastón Piazza; 5) Jorge Ubamba; 6) Carlos Farre; 7) Alexis Racca; 8) Fabián Pérez; 9) Juan Portessi and 10) Héctor Barrenechea.

–Second final: 1) Franco Venchi; 2) Gastón Piazza; 3) Marcos Lecomte; 4) Lucas Portesi; 5) Héctor Barrenechea; 6) Jorge Ubamba; 7) Fabián Pérez; 8) Alexis Racca; 9) Guillermo Jauge and 10) Carlos Acosta.

Great Tourism of the Region

–First final: 1) Jorge Vallese; 2) Nicolás Pizarro; 3) Marcelo Obregozo; 4) Federico Campisi; 5) Damian Cardelli; 6) Gastón Sewald; 7) Emiliano Rodríguez; 8) Gustavo Ferch; 9) Héctor Bizet and 10) Hugo Adami.

–Second final: 1) Nicolás Pizarro; 2) Marcelo Obregozo; 3) Damian Cardelli; 4) Jorge Vallese; 5) Hernán Mayer; 6) Lisandro Heguy; 7) Gastón Sewald; 8) Gustavo Ferch; 9) Gian Marco Recchi and 10) Alejandro Camarero.

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