Respawn: Despite Mohammad Alavi’s departure, single-player mystery game is still in development

For about a year, several clues suggest that Respawn is working on a third project, in addition to the continually updated Apex Legends, and the sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which should be showing in a few months. Last July, Mohammad Alavi formalized the fact that the company had the ambition to create a new solo adventure, without really more information, except that we would not be dealing with Titanfall 3, at the largest confusion of an entire community.

At the start of the year, this project is talking about it again. Following the announcement of Mohammad Alavi, who is leaving Respawn to devote himself to new projects, it was clarified (via VentureBeat) that Respawn wasn’t going to put this production aside, despite losing its creative director.. Several new, unofficial, but almost, information was also shared. So we would be dealing to a single player, first person game, in which the main factors are mobility and style. Currently in the prototype phase, it will remain in this state for a few more months, before moving on to more complete development, if it convinces.

Electronic Arts has, for the moment, planned that the title arrives in 2024 or 2025, but of course, everything is subject to change, depending on how the development goes. A formalization in due form, with a name and images, should not take place before 2023, once the development is well underway.

Regarding Mohammad Alavi, he did not indicate where he was going to bounce back, but the one who spent eleven years at Respawn is ” excited about his new adventure ” and ” sad to leave behind a family ».

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