Resounding victory for Diego Valenzuela in Tres de Febrero by more than 10 points

The ruling party of February 3 It was the most valued management in the west of the Buenos Aires suburbs with 96% of the polling stations scrutinized.

The list of Together promoted by the mayor Diego Valenzuela, with Hernan Lorenzo As the first candidate for councilor, he obtained, so far, 42.42% against 31.64% of the list that has the first candidate for Juan Debandi, a benchmark for La Cámpora and the former mayor Hugo Short.

“Today we mark a very important path that will lead us to recover the province of Buenos Aires and put on the agenda again the issues that matter to the people of Buenos Aires such as work, education and security”, said the communal chief.

Later, he added: “On Tres de Febrero, the neighbors again said no to the past, to abandonment, to the leaders and institutional abuses, and they opened the door again to a team that came to be close in each neighborhood and that works every day with honesty and transparency to solve your problems “.

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