Resende turns with a goal at the end and eliminates Corinthians from Copinha

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For the third stage of the 2022 São Paulo Junior Football Cup, Resende managed to turn around in the second stage and eliminated Corinthians from the competition. On Friday night (14), the goals of the Rio de Janeiro team were scored by Brendon, from a penalty, and Halls, already in stoppage time. The goal of the São Paulo team was Matheus.

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The game

Reuniting after the last round of the Copinha group stage, Corinthians and Resende had a balanced duel in the first minutes. After this start, the São Paulo team started to dominate and got the goal. At 19, after a good collective move, Biro found a good pass for Matheus, the midfielder cleared the throw with a beautiful turn, invaded the area and touched the corner to make it 1 to 0.

After the goal, Resende improved a little and missed a great chance in the 22nd minute. Bismarch receives in the middle, went through the marking in the speed, invaded the area and finished strong for Alan’s great defense. After this scare, Corinthians started to control the pace of the duel and kept the 1-0 up to halftime.


On the way back to the second half, Resende was better. Better positioned, the Carioca team remained in the attacking field and, using a lot of plays by the wing, managed to occupy the attack. In this way, the tie happened. After hitting and hitting in the area, Caio was penalized by Leo Maná. In the kick, Brendon moved the goalkeeper and tied at 1 to 1.

After equality, the game was lukewarm. With both teams unable to follow up on the attacking plays, the match got stuck in midfield and time passed. In stoppage time, the turning point came. In a corner kick, Halls rose more than the defense, tested firmly for the goal and made it 2 to 1, putting Resende in the round of 16 of Copinha.

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