Rescuers recover the body of a minor from the collapse zone in Cerro del Chiquihuite

The body of three-year-old Mia Mayrin was rescued a few moments ago from among the heavy rocks that collapsed on her home, where rescuers are still searching for 22-year-old Paola and five-year-old Jorge Dilan, who were trapped since September 10 when a landslide of the Cerro del Chiquihuite slopes was recorded, in the Lázaro Cárdenas second section neighborhood.

Authorities of Tlalnepantla confirmed that the small body that rescuers removed the afternoon of this Tuesday, September 14, from a hole in one of the heavy rocks was that of little Mayrin, which was inside a closed stretcher, which experts in confined space rescue.

Just a few hours ago, the Undersecretary of the Government of the State of Mexico, Ricardo de la Cruz Musalem, had notified the discovery of evidence of human remains, which they expected were members of the family made up of Paola and her two young children.

It should be noted that according to UN international standards, in search and rescue of people trapped after 72 hours of the collapse, which were fulfilled yesterday at 1:00 p.m. and 44 minutes, it is very difficult to find people alive.

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