Released two "ñacurutú" in the nature reserve "Las Damas Island"

Days ago, the head of the Municipal Serpentarium and specialist in these wildlife issues contacted a neighbor who had in his possession two “Ñacurutú” who were rescued after having fallen from their nest and raised for a period of two months. about.

The birds were first referred to the veterinary health center of Doctor Bogado, for their control, recovery and subsequent release. The specimens did not present injuries and were released into the ecosystem of the Isla las Damas nature reserve, a place belonging to our city.


“It’s like a kind of owl or big owl,” said “Pipi” Peña. In this regard, he stressed that “they are natives but they were raised after having fallen from their nest.”

The head of the Serpentarium detailed the importance of these specimens for local ecosystems. Especially in rodent control. “Birds and other wild animals are not pets,” he said.

Asked about how they were, he commented that “they are a two-month-old juvenile specimens, and they did not present any injuries after being bred in captivity.” So we first took them to a veterinary control, and after a few days they were released to a natural habitat such as the Goya reserve. “

Finally, he concluded that “the care and release work was in conjunction with the veterinarian Bogado.”

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