Relaunch of BNA +: what new functions and benefits does Banco Nación’s virtual wallet bring?

The platform adds two new tools with the aim of expanding financial inclusion and digital transformation in the country. All the details

In order to deepen the digital transformation and improve the user experience, with more accessible online services and features, the National Bank relaunched the app this Wednesday BNA+, which will allow your more than 4.5 million customers access to new features.

“We are taking a further step in terms of financial inclusion, broad and open for all sectors of the population, especially those traditionally and historically excluded from the banking system,” summarized the President of Banco Nación, Eduardo Hecker, and specified that currently, the BNA + application has more than 4 million downloads and about 2 million unique users, who use the system on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

For current clients, it will imply “a substantial change in the way of accessing the financial system, with a more modern, simple and direct digital and technological platform, since the BNA + will offer new functionalities, more convenience to operate, better user experience and more benefits“, added the executive, in an event in which he was present iProfesional.

Eduardo Hecker, president of Banco Nación, at the event for the relaunch of the institution’s digital wallet, BNA +

From this relaunch, the virtual wallet seeks to facilitate the opening of accounts to more and more users, in an agile and simple way, without current or future maintenance costs, and in a completely free.

In this way, customers will now have the possibility of operating from the application all the services of their associated bank account, an instrument that is added to the existing ones that allow the payment in shops and services.

Under the slogan, “BNA +, everything is easier”, the new service offers two modes of operation:

  • “Your Wallet”: they may carry out frequent transactions, such as payments through a QR code, transfers, cell phone recharge and SUBE, payment of taxes and services. You will also be able to access the current promotion and discount programs.
  • “Tu Banco”: allows you to make investments, purchase and sales of dollars, and fixed terms (UVA or traditional), loans, account opening, life certificate and shift management. In addition, new functionalities were added such as access to the Bank’s loyalty programs, exchange of points and access to a trivia, which allows customers to play and add benefits.

On the other hand, in line with its ideal of expanding financial inclusion, the event highlighted that BNA + will allow the opening of free accounts for all people who did not have access to the banking system, which may access all the services and benefits offered by the platform.

Potential clients will only have to pay the maintenance in case of requesting credit cards.

In addition to the President of the Bank himself, the General Manager, Maria Barros; the Principal Deputy General Manager for Technology, Organization and Operations, Cristian Lestani, among other directors of the entity.

BNA + digital wallet numbers

From the start of operations, at the end of 2020, the BNA + digital wallet allowed the realization of:

  • More of 21 million transfers
  • Almost 2.5 million payment of services
  • Generated near 5 million extraction orders, which facilitated the operation of users
  • New 300,000 beneficiaries of the Alimentar card, who were able to access, collect and use their allowances more easily and directly.

The application is available for free at App Store de Apple (for iYOU) and Google Play Store (for Android).


To start operating, potential users must download to their cell phone the BNA + app very easily from the application stores App Store de Apple (for IOS) and Google Play Store (for Android).

Once the download is done, a simple registration process begins in which you must accept the terms and conditions of RENAPER to start the validation of biometric data.

The first step is to capture the front and of the DNI back, followed by facial recognition, proof of life and entry of personal data, phone number and email.

For the new clients, once the previous steps have been completed, the application will guide you to register the client, savings bank in pesos and debit card. The habilitation will take 48 hours approximately and the client will receive the confirmation via email to start operating.

Among the main advantages of the application is the strengthening of the use of new digital channels, improved communication with customers, ease, comfort and speed in the interaction with the Bank, the use of the cell phone as a wallet and the ability to operate without banknote handling.

Once the BNA + account has been downloaded, a simple registration process begins in which you must accept the terms and conditions of RENAPER to start the validation of biometric data

The virtual wallet represents an opportunity for more than 9.6 million customers of the National Bank and for the thousands of beneficiaries of social programs and retirees, who will also be able to access a simple and agile digital solution to carry out their usual banking procedures.

With the BNA +, the National Bank is installed among the three main benchmarks in the market, which concentrate the 90% of users throughout the country and that contribute to deepening financial inclusion in the Argentina through the use of digital wallets.

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