Registration for the second call for Trans Labor Quota at the UNR opened

This Thursday a new call for the Transvestite Trans “Alejandra González” Labor Quota was opened at the UNR. Until Friday, October 29, transvestites, transsexuals and transgenders, over 18 years of age, will be able to register virtually, whether or not they have accessed the rights established in Law No. 26,743 (registration change).

This year the inscription in the Unique Registry of Applicants (RUA) of the UNR, will have a novelty: it will give the possibility to the people who register, to be able to automatically create a user on the platform Hire Trans, where the data uploaded for this call will impact, and will remain in the database of the platform’s job bank. Hire Trans It is a comprehensive program, of national scope, that aims to improve the socio-labor insertion conditions of trans people.

Resolution 783/2020 Transvestite Work Quota “Alejandra González” aims to begin to pay off a historic debt, for which it establishes the transvestite work quota at 5 percent of total non-teaching labor income at the University. Likewise, it is established that the annual number of entrants may not be less than 3 (three) people to fulfill tasks in the rector’s areas or academic units.

In 2020, four people entered per quota, exceeding the established minimum. It should be clarified that all the people who registered in the previous year are already registered in the RUA, and they do not need to carry out any other procedure. However, if you are interested in completing the 2021 call form so that the user can be created in Hire Trans, or because they want to update their data, they can. For inquiries send an email to [email protected]

Registration form in:

Registration date: from Thursday, October 14 to Friday, October 29.

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