Registration for the Mendoza Activa III program begins on Saturday

From Saturday January 15 to February 5 The call for the first stage of Mendoza Activa 3, the program launched by the Government of Mendoza to promote investment, employment and production in the province.

Created in 2020 in response to the crisis of the pandemic and isolations, in its first two stages it mobilized $ 61 billion in the private sector. Like Mendoza Activa 1 and Mendoza Activa 2, the third stage was approved by law in the provincial Legislature and is now underway with projection of investments by SMEs, entrepreneurs, families and citizens of about $ 70 billion.

Specifically, it consists of reimbursing up to 45% of what is invested in credit in virtual wallets and Non-Refundable Contributions, with a plus of up to 5% for the creation of new jobs, for technology companies and orange economy and for projects led by women.

In total, in the three stages of this plan, the projected investment will be $ 130,000,000,000, in two years marked by the pandemic and the economic crisis in Argentina.

Registration for the program begins Saturday, January 15.

“The Legislature approved our proposal of 20 billion pesos by the Government, which will translate into a private investment process of around 70 billion pesos,” explained the Minister of Economy and Energy, Enrique Vaqui√©.

“Apart from the 40% reimbursement that the program had been bringing in previous lines, an extra 15% will be added, which will be delivered as soon as the contract is signed as an advance for the purchase of construction materials,” the minister explained.

In addition, he explained that “there is a new line for infrastructure and equipment for sports clubs with an ultra-soft loan of up to 70% of the investment made.” In detail, sports centers will be allowed to take credits of up to 5 million pesos at a 12% annual rate, with a 6-month grace period and repayment of up to 3 years. All this investment will have the corresponding 40% reimbursement in ANR and virtual wallets.

The lines

  • Sports infrastructure
  • First home
  • Trade and services working capital
  • Individual construction
  • Key on hand
  • Construction and urbanization
  • Rural housing
  • Industrial parks, industry and industrial equipment
  • Audiovisual industry
  • Industrial and agricultural service providers
  • Commercial and service equipment
  • Energy efficiency
  • Precision farming
  • Irrigation efficiency
  • Forages
  • Agricultural development
  • Farm Equipment
  • Agricultural defense
  • Forestry
  • Transport
  • Staff
  • Livestock and others
  • Construction of housing complexes

Those interested in the program should sign up in the government website starting Saturday, January 15.

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