Regional Pre-Federal: Provincial undefeated ended in Las Parejas

Photo: Press Sportivo Las Parejas.

Sportivo Las Parejas beat Provincial 86-64 in an even match until half-time but that was broken in the third period when Lobo scored a 30 to 5 run thanks to a great task from Galo Marín, who was also the scorer of the match with 22 points. Buda Rodríguez was disqualified.

At the beginning of the game, Sportivo was more intense in defense, cutting off the visiting circuits and in attack he rotated the ball to define near the ring with Galo Marín and Lahuel Silva. However, Provincial asserted himself and found an advantage in the maelstrom of the match to take control of the scoreboard in a context of an even duel.

But in the third quarter, Provincial fell into the trap proposed by his rival, he was left without a goal and could not do anything against the homeowner, who escaped on the scoreboard and was widening the difference until closing the partial 61-41.

Provincial came out to reduce the difference by pressing the entire court, which generated spaces to score easily, Matias Quiroga was lethal with his mid-distance shot while Lautaro Mariani scored by cutting towards the basket. Lahuel Silva, silent but effective, kept the gap close to 20 points with just over four minutes remaining (71 to 52). In the last Sportivo managed the times and took the victory 86-64 to reach the top of the table.


SPORTIVO THE COUPLES 86: Mato 19, Marín 22, Carlachiani 8 (x), Ecker 12, Silva 15 (FI), Heck 2, Levin 7, Solsona 1, Basualdo 0. DT: Pighín

PROVINCIAL 64: Hidalgo A. 2, Perez G. 8, Rodriguez F. 13 (Desc), Quiroga M. 9, Gómez T. 2 (FI) Parnisari G. 11, Pérez F. 9, Mariani L. 8, Bloch J. 2 ( x), Bustamante D. 0, Bertania L 0, Stra M. 0. DT: Vanzini.

STADIUM: The Wolf Fortress

REFEREES: Petrone and Salcedo

PARTIAL: 18/19, 31/36) and 61/41

Source: Press Sportivo Las Parejas

All the program of the fourth date in the Pre-Federal

Zone 1

Friday at 21 Somisa vs. academic

Friday 9:30 pm United Youth vs. Arroyo Seco Workshops

Zone 2

Friday at 21 Sportsmen vs. Gymnastics

Friday 9:30 pm Santa Paula vs. Belgrano

Zone 3

Friday at 9:00 p.m. Watchtower vs. Timbúes

Friday 9:30 pm Sportivo Las Parejas vs. Regattas

Zone 4

Friday 9.30pm Nautical vs. Independent

Friday 9:30 pm Caova vs. Centenary

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