Red Dead Online: double the price on collection sales and 2x RDO$ on missions

Land of Opportunities will give players double money

Collectors of Red Dead Online will earn double rewards on all collection sales this week. Madame Nazar will pay more for complete collections. So if you’re about to complete one, remember this when you decide to sell. Collectable items discovered on the map will also yield double Craft XP.

All Collectors who play Red Dead Online anytime within the next seven days you will receive a free Collector’s Map to find various valuable coins.

In addition to the normal rewards, whoever completes the Weekly Collectibles for Madame Nazar will also receive an offer of 40% off a Novice or Promising Collector’s Craft item and a 2,000 XP Club Reward.

the game mode Team fired will give you double experience this week in its extreme version. The use of consumables or Skill Card will not be allowed. The missions of Land of Opportunities will give double RDO$.

Weekly Discounts – valid until 09/20

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Madame Nazar is offering 5 Gold Bars off the Collector’s Bag next week. The nomadic merchant is also offering 40% off Collector’s Maps, Pennington Field Shovel and Metal Detector. Additionally, there is a 30% discount on Collector’s Craft Costumes and Rafferty Eye Patch.

Stables are getting a 30% discount on all Creole horses, while gunsmiths are giving a 40% discount on all pistols and 30% on double cartridges.

Prime Gaming and Rockstar Games Account

players of Red Dead Online that link their accounts from Rockstar Games Social Club to Prime Gaming before September 28th will receive a prize to purchase a free Vitalism Studies Pamphlet and a 50% discount offer on an Established or Distinguished Naturalist Craft item of their choice.


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Source: Rockstar

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