Record: the millionaire sum they paid for a page of a Spiderman comic

If we think of items that sweep the auctions of high level, things like historic cars, paintings and objects that belonged to historical figures, is the first thing that appears on the list. However, in the last hours there was something that led a bidder to disburse more than 3 million dollars to acquire it. We are talking about a comic.

It turns out that he recently met, that at an event of Heritage Auctions held in the city of Dallas (Texas), page 25 of the comic “Secret Wars No. 8”, belonging to Spiderman, was sold by $3,360,000. The figure is a record for a single page and owes its charm to the fact that it was the first edition of the popular superhero in a black suit.

The page turns out to be very important, as it illustrates the first appearance of
Spiderman with the black suit.

Also, for those who are fans of everything related to “spidey” this color and this suit in particular, would be the fundamental pillars for the later arrival of the Venom, who would come into the world in the series Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars, from 1984.

If we go to the previous record for a single page of an American comic, we have to go back to the first image of Wolvernine, in an edition of “The Incredible Hulk”, from 1974. At that time, the price was 657,250 greenbacks.

Back to the current the offer started shy at $330,000, but the minutes passed, the bidders and of course the desire to acquire this relic of Marvel, which caused the numbers to begin to have 7 figures. This is why in the end, it was sold for more than 3 million.

The most expensive comic in history

To reach this world record we have to leave Marvel behind, get on the time machine and reach 1938. In that year, the baptized “Action Comic #1”, which marked the first appearance of Superman and was also acquired this year by $3,250,000.

The sale was organized by, an online auction house run by Vincent Zurzolo.

comic most expensive in history turns out to be
“Action Comics # 1”, which was acquired by
$3.25 million.

“With all the collectibles on the rise, plus crypto currencies and NFTs minting new millionaires almost daily, we expect to see comic book prices rise as they look for new places to park their money.”, he expressed at the time.

“This is an 83 year old comic book in near pristine condition, and it is a sight to behold.. Not to mention, this book launched the superhero genre that is such a big part of our culture. There’s a reason collectors and fans will always be obsessed with it.”Zurzolo added.

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