Recommendations to enjoy spas, rivers and water courses in Córdoba

Córdoba has in its different valleys, different rivers to enjoy with the family and especially to cool off in the summer. In this case, there are tips provided by the Risk Management Secretariat to make the most of it, having security on our vacations.

For those families who visit rivers, pools or water courses with children, it is important to emphasize that they must have constant supervision by an adult, they should never be in the care of another minor.

In addition, children should bathe in shallow areas, where possible where the water does not exceed the calf.

There are also councils that exceed any age limit, such as for those who cannot swim to stay in lower areas of the river. Nor should you enter prohibited places to swim or dive into unfamiliar, rocky or dangerous waters.

In this sense, it is necessary to clarify the danger involved in jumping from stones into the river since the depth of the river is not seen or other rocks are not perceived from the beach or from the surface.

Finally, it is advisable not to consume alcohol because it causes loss of lucidity and reflections, causing vulnerability in the water. The highest percentage of drowning is produced by this cause.

Rescue operations are only carried out by personnel trained for this purpose. Therefore, the best way to help those who are in danger is to seek the help of the competent authorities.


Extreme caution must be exercised against rains and floods. Thus, it is necessary to avoid water courses and not enter rivers or spas after rains and storms. At this time, we must pay attention to the instructions of Civil Defense, Volunteer Firefighters and local authorities who will inform how to proceed and protect themselves from dangers.

Some signs of a flood is the tone and color of the water. When it turns brown and brings foam, branches, leaves or garbage, it means that the flood is coming. You should proceed to take shelter in high areas and move away from the riverbed; You never have to stay on stones or islands as the flow can increase and become isolated or be swept away.

For those who go camping, it is advisable to carry out the activity in campsites and areas suitable for it, and it must always be borne in mind that the tent should not be set up near the river or in low-lying areas. It is advisable to carefully observe the mark level of growth of the water that leaves a hangover in trees, stones and fences.

Outside of floods, you also have to be careful when crossing fords and bridges that are blocked by the current. It is not necessary to venture to cross them since it can be dangerous, neither in vehicles nor on foot.

Fire and trash

We remember that Córdoba is located in extreme alert for fire hazards. In this sense, it should be remembered that it is forbidden to make fires except in places authorized for this purpose such as barbecue facilities in campsites. Matches and cigarette butts should not be thrown.

If you see someone setting fire to the wrong place, alert the local authorities.

On the other hand, it is essential to highlight that the rivers and water courses of the Province are natural landscapes that seek to be preserved. That is why all the garbage generated must be collected and deposited in an appropriate place.

In this sense, it is a good advice to always carry plastic bags to put containers, packaging and other garbage that is generated so as not to contaminate the environment we visit.

Source: Government of Córdoba

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