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Fortunately, at that time, because the Cancer was detected in time, the specialists managed to remove the masses without major complications. And although everything went well, the actress since then he has frequently seen a doctor to avoid a similar event.

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As he confessed in a interview In the entertainment program ‘Hoy’, recently, a medical check-up detected the possibilities of suffering cancer again.

Therefore, his doctor told him that the thumb should be amputated.

“I recently went for a check-up and they told me: ‘There is a bit that I don’t like, I’m going to take it away and we’ll send it for a biopsy,'” he commented, recalling his medical history.

After the mass was detected, doctors immediately proceeded to perform the operation.

As it seemed, everything was going to be like the last time the tumor “It disappeared, in theory”, when they removed it and placed some grafts.

I am not going to operate on you, in a week it expanded and it is not normal

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“They come out like sores, they make me an appointment for my little girl surgery, and being there on the plate, all ready, the doctor arrives and tells me: ‘I am not going to operate, in a week it expanded and it is not normal,’ “he recalled the actress.

According to the interview, examsIn addition, they diagnosed that the mass has a virus that can turn into cancer and, to prevent it from spreading through the body, the affected finger must be amputated.

They’re going to have to remove a lot of my finger, but I don’t care

And, in addition, he confirmed: “They are going to have to remove a large part of my finger, but I don’t care”.

This is the difficult situation in which the actress finds herself, who in the midst of tears recounted her experience and affirmed that her illness It is not hereditary, but was generated by a wound he had on his left thumb.

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