Reasons why your partner doesn’t want action in bed

There are several reasons why intimacy between the couple is lost beyond just thinking about the lack of love, interest or desire. Specialists share some reasons why people often avoid encounters in bed.

According to experts, there are several reasons why your partner may be avoiding you when trying to have action in bed. And although the reasons for their lack of appetite do not always have to do with you, knowing them can help you fan the flame of passion.

You are not satisfied with the relationship

When your partner is angry or dissatisfied, they will not think about intimacy. Perhaps your partner is upset by a bad habit that affects their coexistence or by some of your personal hygiene habits. According to experts, the key to resolving this conflict is communication, the only way to solve and regain lost chemistry is by talking.

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Is tired

If your partner doesn’t have time to rest, relax, and recharge, chances are he’s having a hard time being in the mood for action between the sheets. Specialists report that exhaustion inhibits pleasure and prevents having a satisfactory intimate relationship, therefore, it is necessary to sleep peacefully and have a good rest.

Intimacy has become routine

If your encounters in bed are at the same time, in the same place, with the same posture and at the same time, your partner probably does it more out of obligation than pleasure because intimacy has become routine and boring. To avoid this, the ideal is to create an ideal environment for romance and use your imagination to try new things.

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No physical contact

Beyond the preamble to the intimate relationship, daily physical contact is necessary to keep the flame of passion alive. It is important that your partner feels that you only want to touch him to take him to bed. Experts say that physical contact should be prioritized to show the couple that the attraction is still just as present.

Lost interest

Various studies have revealed that to enjoy a satisfying intimate life it is necessary to have an interesting and interested partner. Therefore, if you feel that your intimate life has stagnated, perhaps you have become a bit boring, it is possible that you have lost something that you previously had and to regain that appeal, you must explore your personal interests and reconnect with the person you were before.

The emotional bond is over

Sometimes feeling emotionally attached helps to stimulate you before the intimate encounter, therefore, to rekindle the passion, it is essential to strengthen the emotional bond by reflecting on what brought them together in the beginning. To achieve this, specialists advise sharing three things they appreciate about their relationship and three things they like about their intimate encounters.

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