Ready national operation in Coahuila

The national operation is enlisted throughout the state, where about 10,000 elements of the various security corporations of the three orders of government will be guarding each of the municipalities during the activity of the Cry of Independence.

For this September 15 there will be virtual screams and face-to-face screams, in what corresponds to the State Police, it will be divided into the different regions of the state, with a presence in the 38 municipalities, according to what was announced.

Likewise, the state and municipal police corporations will be in coordination, mostly through the Single Command, in the case of municipalities where there is no Single Command such as Monclova, Torreón and General Cepeda, there will also be a communication to establish the operation for the Cry of Independence.

It should be remembered that the municipalities that will have the cries in person are Allende, Cuatro Ciénegas, Guerrero, Múzquiz, Nadadores, San Buenaventura, San Juan de Sabinas, San Pedro, Torreón and Villa Unión, revealed the Ministry of Public Security.

He added that in most of them obviously their mayors or mayors have said that they will take care of the COVID issue, so they will have all the protocols dictated by the Ministry of Health, a municipality already has the cry recorded and only will project, and the rest of the municipalities will do so virtually, only in front of their council or municipal authorities.

He stressed that there will be approximately 1,500 state elements throughout Coahuila, plus the municipal ones, which are between 6,000 and 7,000 in the state, as well as those of the National Guard, and SEDENA, where he hopes peace will prevail.

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