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Announcement of the end of the series District 31 in April, created quite a commotion among the many followers of this detective series broadcast for six years on Radio-Canada. Here is a small sample of the feedback we received.

« District 31 was (and still is) a date for my blind son and me. Him, he rarely listens to TV, except Unit 9 and District 31. He understands, learns, I describe to him what we see, he is attentive. He talks about it, asks me what could happen later, what that means. He often comes back during the day to find out more about what happened. It increases his fields of interest. When replacing the lieutenant played by Geneviève Brouillette, we did not know who would appear on our screen that Monday. When my son heard the voice of the actress Ève Landry entering the stage, he immediately said: “It’s Jeanne Biron in Unit 9. I would like the actress to know this funny little fact. District 31 will be missed, I believe my son will be missed more, the only series he attached importance to. We will find, I imagine, a daily series which will be able to animate it again. Thanks to the whole team ! ”

Reine-Aimée Côté

“For me, the disappearance of District 31, it’s like Guy Lafleur’s retirement. We will get over it, but it will be long. So spring will be sad in Quebec this year: the end of District 31 and the Canadian will not make the playoffs. ”

Louise Dextraze

“Like many others, the end of District (as we call it between us) is very sad news. All these years of saying to each other among colleagues: “OK, let’s go to the bathroom” or “In the meeting room, quickly” to tell each other a gossip or quite simply to laugh on a Monday morning. We are sure to continue … Also, how many bets on the conclusion of a plot, the fate of a character or the punch of winter or summer vacation? Short, District will have been at the heart of our lives and will remain so, I believe. Moreover, we always continue to say or text each other: “ce tu wla, gwassideurw”, proof that we remain faithful to our classics! With that … There are two microphones and cameras, so we don’t have to take any notes, you get it? Cordially. ”


“I had never listened to the series District 31. Mother of three children, the time of the broadcast fell exactly in the hustle and bustle of an eventful end of the day. Homework, baths, history before bedtime and everything… In 2019, I stopped working, professional and family exhaustion. Nothing tempted me, I was constantly in bed crying over my life. This is where I got acquainted with District 31, a lot of. I wouldn’t go so far as to say that that’s what got me out of my torpor, my psychologist wouldn’t agree, but it connected me to something else; endearing characters, various plots, flawless surgical writing. I started eating again, mostly popcorn at first, and quietly came out of my black spiral and found my healing path. Thank you District 31, I’ll miss you ! ”

Natalie Pelletier

“It was my Thursday night meeting at 7:30 pm, to see the four episodes in a row. I had predicted the ending lately, seeing the slow pace and the repetitions that ended up boring. I told myself that Luc Dionne must have another project in mind… He has the merit of catching us with researched and well documented subjects. I learned a lot about detective work and legal services. Exciting ! Bravo to Luc Dionne! ”

Diane morin

“Like many people, I learned with immense sadness the end of District 31. The reasons mentioned by Mr. Dionne particularly touched me since I know what exhaustion is. Several personal and professional events (I am a nursing advisor, nurse by profession) experienced in recent years have resulted in a one-year work stoppage for depression. No matter how I feel, happy, sad, angry, depressed, I have those moments, Monday through Thursday, when I forget everything, to recharge my batteries with District 31. As if no matter what happens to me at least there is District. With the characters, I laughed, cried, cried, and despite all the events experienced during this series, it made me feel good. Thanks for reading me and have a nice day. ”

Melody Boudriault

« District 31 will miss me. This daily allowed me to get out of the pandemic in the spring of 2020. I trembled for certain characters, I tried to solve the puzzles using the clues available (or not!) And I laughed! The excellent work of the actors, the solid texts and the whole team behind the cameras made me experience all ranges of emotions. We are lucky in Quebec to have access to productions of this quality! ”

Caroline Goulet

« District 31 has taken a great place in my life. I am 83 years old, I have lived alone in my house since my husband died 16 years ago. I had eight children, five boys and three girls. At 7 p.m., I have supper, my house is tidy, I have done my toilet and I await my visit. District 31, it’s my family who visit me, my little rowdy guys, my beautiful, charming daughters who are always ready to help. They are all different, one more naughty, one more authoritarian, one or one who is in love, the other who is in pain of love, life, what. The mourning, the worries, but in love and friendship. In the past nine years, two of my children have died of cancer. And there, it is as if I were told of the departure of the others. COVID-19 has taught us to live in solitude, a good series gave me hope every night of the week as I saw these beautiful girls and these beautiful boys interact that I have taken for my own for six years. Thank you to all this team, you are part of my life. As I say to everyone: take care of yourself! Everything is lent to us in life, we must know how to put it back when the time comes. ”

Cecile Chabot

” Absolutely nothing ! Luc Dionne’s texts didn’t appeal to me at all. I watched the first two seasons … while persevering, telling myself: what do you mean, everyone is falling apart, but not me? I do not like the kind of bonhomie of Luc Dionne with his little morals at two cents. This remains my opinion. I didn’t like the soap opera The little life no more. ”

Micheline Durand

“I am a faithful of the series District 31 from the beginning. I immediately loved the characters in the series, some more than others. My favorite: Daniel Chiasson. I really like his protective side towards the members of his team. I think subconsciously I wish I had a boss like that. The kind of person who doesn’t hesitate to defend his gang in front of the big boss. So I followed the show from the start and yes, I’m one of the fans who never answer the phone while the episode airs, but I believe all good things come to an end. So thank you to Luc Dionne for all the great television moments of the past six years and I wish him a well-deserved rest. That said, I can’t wait to watch his next series. We love you, Luc XXX ”

Odette Royer

“First of all, I’m sad to hear the end of the series, because for the last six years, I haven’t missed an episode. Since the very first episode, I’ve been hooked on the characters. I discovered actors that I did not know. To be honest, we get attached to these little bugs. I would like to very warmly thank all of the main and supporting cast for their great job in keeping us entertained (though at times some episodes were difficult to watch) for 720 episodes by the end of April. I will have to mourn this one, which will be difficult, I believe for all fans of the series. At 6:59 p.m., I stopped everything to District 31. Thank you, Mr. Luc Dionne, you are an incredible author. I will be sure to watch your new annual series next fall. Well done also to the people behind the cameras, and this, in a broader way. I wish you all a good continuation and thank you for these wonderful years. ”

Louise Caron

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